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Post by Derwent Graphite on Tue 27 Nov 2012, 6:21 am

First of all, a big welcome to everyone and anyone who's visiting this board! Very Happy This board is set up by a small group of edmwers who generated some interest in RO through a bit of discussion back at hwz/edmw. We hope you'll enjoy your stay here and please feel free to ask any questions or post threads in the sub-forums. I do not intend to run a one-man show or end up as a dictator going on a power-trip, so rules are loose and flexible and I won't attempt to exert much control over the forum options unless it's about privacy issues. There are rank titles and what not but I'll leave these extra details to the community to decide. Anytime there's a violation of privacy (posting of personal information) please contact me asap by sending me an e-mail or PMing me on HWZ.

However, certain rules must still be in place since we're on the internet and that necessitates some policing on the administrator's part.

1. No posting of personal information

Please refrain from posting any stuff which might give away private information, even if it's your own. This includes EXIF data on images that you upload elsewhere and post here.

2. No flaming/derogatory/insensitive remarks

We're a pretty small community to start with and the last thing we want to do is to drive away people who want to join us for some fun times in RO. I'd prefer personal arguments to be taken to the PMs but if we can keep it civil and there are useful information coming out from the debate I'll leave it as it is.

That's it for now, so post away!

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