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Post by Derwent Graphite on Mon 03 Dec 2012, 5:16 pm

Hi all, it won't be long before our guild package application goes through, but meanwhile myself, Dumpty and Alibaba have come up with a system for item administration.

The items accessible from the Kafra Guild Storage are Free For All, so just take and use, don't need to ask anyone. You can donate any items you want also.

Guild items were obtained via group effort, and so they belong to everyone. This inventory list will be constantly updated, and there are 3 categories of items:

WOE/Guild specific items will be kept by Guild Master.

10x Union of Tribe aka Tribal Solidarity
10x WoE Teleport Scroll aka Siege Map Teleport Scroll

These items will be given out equally to each 5-man team.

25x poison bottles
25x speed pot
25x light boxes
75x Acid and Fire bottles
50x Blue pots

Level 1
These are relatively cheap items which are generally < 1m in value.
Down-payment = not needed.

1x Apple of Archer
3x Tidal shoes [1]
3x Wool Scarf [1]

Level 2
Items 10-50m zeny in value. Down-payment = 20%.

1x Feather Beret
1x Orleans Glove
1x Diablos Ring
1x Elemental Sword

Level 3
Must sell liver to obtain one. Down-payment = 10m. Priority given to active players at the discretion of Guild Master & Leaders. We understand that this is a sensitive issue, and we don't want to be biased as well. Please understand that it's very hard to give a "trust rating" to each player, so don't feel offended if you've been denied access to these items. Meanwhile hang around in the this forum more, chat more or help out other players more in-game to raise your visibility level.

As Guild Master I'll not loan these items myself, just to let you guys know I don't have a vested interest in making these rules.

1x Diablos Armor
1x Diablos Robe
1x Valkyrian Armor
1x Proxy Skin Fragments

Down-payment will be returned in full once items are returned.

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