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Disciplinary Issues Empty Disciplinary Issues

Post by Derwent Graphite on Tue 04 Dec 2012, 6:25 pm

In the past week alone we've seen 2 expulsions from our guild:


I received reports from some members that this troublemaker had been a nuisance in Prontera, taunting other players and making insensitive remarks. I didn't give him a chance for any explanation and kicked him out of the guild almost immediately. I believe most of us here are adults already; while we TCSS and talk a lot of rubbish in guild chat, there must be a line drawn somewhere since we're playing on an international server. Some of us have put in a lot of effort in maintaining this guild and leveling/hunting, and it would be unfair to other members if a single player's irresponsible behavior stink our guild name here.

Learning point: Keep our ramblings in Guild Chat.

2. Seanie

A few of us were present in Payon when Seanie was banned right in front of our eyes. GM Frost gave us the reason that he was botting. We do not have the hard facts of how the interrogation went, but Seanie has not come back to us despite us trying to reach out to him through PMs on HWZ. Furthermore, :

Read This

Based on this thread alone I assume that he will not be joining us again.

I'm sure we would not like to play in a server filled with bots, so there's at least something to be thankful for here. We can appreciate the fact that GMs are active in bot-checking. I do not condone botting and I hope that I won't see anymore of this happening.

Also, some of you have commented that GM Frost's remarks were sarcastic and guai lan. While I agree to some extent, there's nothing we can do. We're playing on their turf, and we've to abide by their rules. I'll withhold my judgment on Frost's character or personality until I have a chance to know him better. Meanwhile, I'd advise everyone to thread carefully.

However, I won't tolerate any stereotyping or unfair treatment coming from the GMs and their close friends playing on the server just because of one member misbehaving. I have no qualms packing up and leaving if the GMs are not mature enough to make sensible judgments. If we were to quit the server, we've to keep our dignity and leave because of a major FUBAR coming from Woon-RO, not because we broke their rules and fell out with them.

Learning points: Don't bot, play by the rules.


While I'm away for the next 3 weeks, please cooperate with Dumpty and Alibaba as they try to coordinate stuff within the guild. It'll be a shame to find the guild in shambles when I come back... but I trust you guys Smile have fun and happy hunting!

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