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Post by Derwent Graphite on Thu 29 Nov 2012, 1:41 pm

Some of you may not know but managing a forum is not easy, much more a community of gamers who are active and vocal. As the guild grow in size, chances of things going awry increase. For the time being I've appointed 3 people to help me, and they are:


I've chosen these few people as they've been the most helpful, but as always there needs to be a probation period. Personally I've not asked for their opinion but they've gracefully accepted the position of responsibility. I need moderators who are responsible and active. They must possess very a good sense of justice, as their duties include arbitrating and settling disputes if any should arise. EDMWers should know how a shitty mod can spoil a forum experience very quickly, so this position should not be taken lightly.

I also must add that mods are not given any special privileges in-game or favors with me. Please cooperate with them and we'll make this forum an enjoyable experience for everyone. Smile

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